October Is Dental Health Month! 10% Off!

October is a Dental Health Awareness Month at Elkwood Animal Hospital!


As part of our ongoing effort to help your pets live long and happy, healthy lives we offer occasional monthly specials to address specific health concerns. Dental health is a particularly prevalent but underlooked disease.

In October we offer 10% off all dental procedures, including cleanings! We also provide free dental goody bags for your pet after his/her procedure, so you can continue with good oral health care at home. Feel free to call us for more information! 540-825-1777

This year we are also releasing some articles addressing dental health on a more in-depth level. Please enjoy our first article below!


Dental Disease – A Silent Problem With Big Health Consequences


There’s a disease affecting many of our pets that goes ignored or untreated on a regular basis. According to the American Veterinary Dental College, periodontal disease (disease of the gums and teeth) is THE most common clinical condition in adult dogs and cats, and affects a majority of all pets over the age of three years. That’s a lot of disease!


We would treat a cut, a rash, or a limp in our furry family members, but the painful, chronic infection in our pets’ mouths doesn’t get addressed nearly as frequently. It’s a mostly “silent” disease, and oftentimes even observant owners don’t know it is a problem until it is severe. In the meantime, our pets suffer from toothaches and severe gum sensitivity, loose or broken teeth, and a source of constant infection that may threaten other important organs in the body. Dogs and cats often suffer in silence when it comes to this disease because it is a gradual process to which they adjust over time. Their stoic natures don’t make the disease any less serious, however!


How does dental & periodontal (gum) disease develop?

Natural bacteria live in every pet’s mouth. These bacteria enjoy living in the moist, warm environment, and “sharing” the pet’s meals. They first form a sticky film over the surface of the teeth, which can’t be seen when we look at the teeth. This is what we try to brush away when we brush the teeth. If the film stays in place for enough time, this film hardens into unsightly plaque and dental calculus (tartar) that we see on the teeth.


Tartar acts as a sturdy, protective “homebase” for the bacteria. From there, the infection can easily spread up under the gum line, compromising the root of the tooth and bone of the jaw. The bacteria destroys the bone and connective tissues and eventually causes the teeth to loosen or fall out. This deep infection can also lead to jaw fractures or bone abscesses (pockets of infected bone). The body attempts to send disease-fighting immune cells through the bloodstream to the gums, but can never completely get rid of the infection due to the entrenched disease.


How can dental disease affect the rest of my pet’s health?

Bacteria infecting the mouth can also travel back into the bloodstream and affect other body organs, including the heart, liver, and kidneys. Your pet’s immune system works overtime trying to combat this steady flow of bacteria, however in some cases, the bacteria can lead to other serious illnesses. Senior animals, who naturally have a slightly decreased immune system, may be particularly at risk, and they are often the ones with the most advanced disease. Antibiotic therapy cannot cure the infection, only temporarily decrease the bacteria and lessen the symptoms, because the bacteria are well-established in the mouth. Removing infected teeth (thus removing the source of infection) is often the only way to make your pet healthy again.


Dental disease is a huge problem for your pet. You may not notice that it is there, but it causes tremendous health issues for your aging companion. Our next article will focus on what’s involved in the Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment.


October is one of our dental health focus months! Please bring you pet in today to be evaluated by a veterinarian to see if a dental cleaning can make your pet healthier. During October, receive 10% off any dental procedures, and a free dental health “goody bag” for your pet after the procedure!


More information from the American Veterinary Dental College:



We Care So Much We Do House Calls!


House calls are an important part of our practice!


We know not every pet is happy to come to our clinic, despite our best efforts to make the experience pleasant. Sometimes the car ride makes them nauseous or fearful, sometimes it’s difficult for older pets to get in and out of the car, and some pets will simply never be as comfortable in the clinic as they would in their own home. Other times, driving to our clinic isn’t possible, safe, or convenient for human family members. These occasions are where veterinary house calls can really make a difference. Don’t let transportation worries stand in the way of getting the valuable veterinary care your pet needs!

z_MPDog2smOur veterinarians are able to provide many services in the comfort of your home. Routine wellness exams, vaccinations, heartworm & tick disease testing, blood draws, acupuncture, and many other services are available as house call services. There are some services that require specific equipment, such as x-rays or surgery, that will not be able to be performed outside of the clinic, and there are some situations where we may not be to offer the best care unless you pet is able to visit our facility. However, we always welcome calls to discuss whether a home visit would be right for your pet! Please feel free to call us!


We have also recently sent out a mailer featuring a valuable coupon for $20 off our house call trip fee! Please mention it when scheduling your appointment.




Health Focus Months

Health Focus Months at Elkwood Animal Hospital

Elkwood Animal Hospital works hard to highlight important pet health concerns year round. Join us in these special focus months to learn more and receive special promotions and discounts in these important areas of pet wellness!

A list of our planned Health Focus Months for 2017 may be found below. Please realize this is a tentative list, and may be updated or changed throughout the year. Feel free to call us if you would like more information or further details throughout the year!

Feline Health Month
Cats need regular care and vaccinations just as much as dogs do, but many don’t come to the vet as often as they should. Get 10% off feline tests and vaccinations this month. Get 15% off the same for NEW feline patients!

Dental Health
10% discounts on all dental procedures including complete oral health and cancer screening exams, ultrasonic tartar removal, and tooth extractions. Free pre-dental mouth assessments are available to determine if your pet would benefit from a dental procedure. Dental health goody bags with free samples provided after every dental procedure.

Lyme Disease and Lyme Vaccination
Our region of the country is a high-risk area for Lyme disease! Get your dog better protected against Lyme disease and receive a discount on the booster as well as a free gift. (while supplies last)

Parasite Testing and Prevention
Parasites want to feed on your pets from the inside (worms) and out (fleas and ticks). 10% off stool sample testing and heartworm testing, as well as many discounts and rebates on all of our parasite prevention products.

Wellness Bloodwork Screening
Discounts on comprehensive wellness blood and urine screening packages will allow you and your doctor to get crucial baseline information for your pet and allow for early detection of serious diseases.

Anxiety Management
Fireworks and thunderstorms can make our pets especially anxious in the summer which is why we are featuring anxiety management options this month.

No Health Theme!

Summer Break!

Senior Pet Month
10% discounts on all wellness bloodwork packages. Doing yearly bloodwork is a very important part of maintaining your pet’s health. These tests can detect early signs of disease that wouldn’t be discovered during a physical exam by a licensed professional. This information can extend your pet’s life by treating disease before it has a chance to progress. Call our office today to see which package is right for your furry family member!


Dental Health
10% discounts on all dental procedures including complete oral health and cancer screening exams, ultrasonic tartar removal, and tooth extractions. Free pre-dental mouth assessments are available to determine if your pet would benefit from a dental procedure. Dental health goody bags with free samples provided after every dental procedure.

Microchip Identification
Collars get lost or stolen, but a microchip will always be there to help reunite you and your pet. Discount on microchip implantation.

Discounted Healthy Treats
Let us help you and Santa out for holiday gift giving with awesome specials on pet treats!


May is Feline Health Month!

There are more cats than dogs living in homes in the United States, but by far most veterinary appointments are made for dogs. Twice as many cats as dogs will NEVER visit a veterinarian! Your cat deserves wellness care, too!

At Elkwood Animal Hospital, we want ALL of your pets to receive the health care they need to live the longest, healthiest lives possible. This means including cats in your plans for regular check-ups and vaccines, just like your dogs or other animals. Regular exams can detect disease or problems before they become more serious, and a yearly exam for your cat is like a human going to the doctor only once every 5-7 years. A lot can change in that time! Additionally, cats both indoors and outdoors need some protection from preventable diseases and parasites.

KazeCloseCrop2In May, we are offering special discounts for wellness care for your feline friends.

Bring your cat in for his or her regular checkup, vaccines, and other preventive care and you’ll get 10% off on those services! If we’re meeting your cat for the first time, whether it’s a new kitten or a long time pet who just hasn’t made it in to see us before, you’ll get 15% off the same care!

Included services include wellness exams, vaccinations, wellness bloodwork and urine screening, Feline Leukemia and FIV testing, fecal examinations for parasites, and parasite preventatives, including Revolution®.


What’s that, you say? Your cat doesn’t like coming to the vet? Yep, we know that, too. (Some of ours don’t like to come to work with us, either!) We promise we’ll do our best to make his or her experience the most comfortable we can.

Additionally, you can click here to download a brochure from the American Association of Feline Practitioners with tips on reducing stress for your visit.

We also carry Feliway® calming pheromone products which can help soothe your cat before, during, and after the visit.

As always, housecalls are also available to those who cannot or don’t want to make the trip in. Call us at 540-825-1777 to discuss setting up a home visit for your cat’s care!

(Statistics source: AAFP)

April is Parasite Prevention Month

Protect your pets from parasites this spring!

Parasites want to feed on your pets from the inside (gutworms, heartworms) and out (fleas, ticks, mosquitoes).

This month we are offering 10% off stool sample testing and heartworm testing, as well as many discounts and rebates on all of our parasite prevention products.


Did you know there is a new alternative to topical flea & tick prevention?

NexGard® is a tasty, chewable prevention that protects agains fleas AND ticks for a full 30 days! Won’t wash off with frequent baths or summer swimming, and no messy residue on your dog’s fur. (Not for cats) Ask our doctors about it next time you’re in!


Lyme Disease

Our focus for March is Lyme Disease Prevention! Just like humans, dogs are susceptible to Lyme disease, and can have long lasting issues from contracting this disease.

Ticks in our area carry Lyme disease, as well as other nasty blood parasites like Ehrlichia and Anaplasma. Virginia is one of the states on the East Coast with a very high prevalence of Lyme disease.

Lyme Map

Unlike in humans, dogs rarely get the “bulls-eye” lesion on their skin after a bite from an infected tick. Lyme infection in dogs is only detected with a blood test. The disease itself can cause fever, lethargy, achiness and arthritis, and in some cases, even permanent effects on the kidneys. Knowing your dog’s status is an important first step in preventing or treating this disease!

To help protect your dog, Elkwood Animal Hospital will offer 10% of Lyme disease testing and vaccinations this month. Additionally, when your dog completes the Lyme vaccination series for the first time, you will receive a free gift…  your choice of a travel dog water bottle or a light-up night time safety collar! (while supplies last)

The Lyme vaccine is an important means to prevent disease in your dog, but tick prevention is ALWAYS the best way to prevent ticks and the many diseases they can transmit. We recommend keeping your dog on tick prevention year round, as our mild climate often means ticks can be active even in the winter months.

Help us protect your dog from Lyme disease this spring!

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