Elkwood Summer Closure

This announcement comes after much consideration by the Elkwood Animal Hospital management team. Over the course of 2020 and early 2021, it has become increasingly difficult to staff Elkwood Animal Hospital. We always make an effort to deliver quality care to all our patients, and at this time, it has become clear that to stay open through the summer would require that we sacrifice that high standard of care.

We are not willing to do that; therefore, as of June 19, 2021, we are temporarily closing Elkwood Animal Hospital. Our other two locations, Compassion Animal Hospital and Catlett Animal Hospital will be open, and they will have extra appointment time available.

Our plan is to reopen at this location as soon as possible. We know that for some the closing our Elkwood location will be inconvenient and present logistical issues since Elkwood was closer to their home. We do not plan for this to be a permanent change, and we are eager to be able to open in Elkwood again and serve you and your family.


Dr. Julia Gibson and the Management Team at Elkwood Animal Hospital