We Care So Much We Do House Calls!


House calls are an important part of our practice!


We know not every pet is happy to come to our clinic, despite our best efforts to make the experience pleasant. Sometimes the car ride makes them nauseous or fearful, sometimes it’s difficult for older pets to get in and out of the car, and some pets will simply never be as comfortable in the clinic as they would in their own home. Other times, driving to our clinic isn’t possible, safe, or convenient for human family members. These occasions are where veterinary house calls can really make a difference. Don’t let transportation worries stand in the way of getting the valuable veterinary care your pet needs!

z_MPDog2smOur veterinarians are able to provide many services in the comfort of your home. Routine wellness exams, vaccinations, heartworm & tick disease testing, blood draws, acupuncture, and many other services are available as house call services. There are some services that require specific equipment, such as x-rays or surgery, that will not be able to be performed outside of the clinic, and there are some situations where we may not be to offer the best care unless you pet is able to visit our facility. However, we always welcome calls to discuss whether a home visit would be right for your pet! Please feel free to call us!


We have also recently sent out a mailer featuring a valuable coupon for $20 off our house call trip fee! Please mention it when scheduling your appointment.