Lyme Disease

Our focus for March is Lyme Disease Prevention! Just like humans, dogs are susceptible to Lyme disease, and can have long lasting issues from contracting this disease.

Ticks in our area carry Lyme disease, as well as other nasty blood parasites like Ehrlichia and Anaplasma. Virginia is one of the states on the East Coast with a very high prevalence of Lyme disease.

Lyme Map

Unlike in humans, dogs rarely get the “bulls-eye” lesion on their skin after a bite from an infected tick. Lyme infection in dogs is only detected with a blood test. The disease itself can cause fever, lethargy, achiness and arthritis, and in some cases, even permanent effects on the kidneys. Knowing your dog’s status is an important first step in preventing or treating this disease!

To help protect your dog, Elkwood Animal Hospital will offer 10% of Lyme disease testing and vaccinations this month. Additionally, when your dog completes the Lyme vaccination series for the first time, you will receive a free gift…¬† your choice of a travel dog water bottle or a light-up night time safety collar! (while supplies last)

The Lyme vaccine is an important means to prevent disease in your dog, but tick prevention is ALWAYS the best way to prevent ticks and the many diseases they can transmit. We recommend keeping your dog on tick prevention year round, as our mild climate often means ticks can be active even in the winter months.

Help us protect your dog from Lyme disease this spring!