The Internet is full of wonderful information, along with some more questionable material. We have collected a few of our trusted links to help you in your search for the best information online for your pet.

Check back often, as we are still in the process of growing our library!


Companion Animal Parasite Council

The premiere resource for information on fleas, ticks, worms, mites (oh my!) and all the parasites that can threaten our pets’ (and our own!) health.

Diabetes and Insulin – (Vetsulin)

When your cat or dog is diagnosed as diabetic, the new information can be overwhelming. Many of our patients begin treatment on Vetsulin insulin, and the pet owner information on this brand’s site can supplement the information you get from our doctors.

Getting Your Cat to the Vet (brochure)

This brochure from the American Association of Feline Practitioners offers tips on making the trip to the vet’s office easier on you and your cat!

“Remind My Pet” helper program from Elanco

Have trouble remembering when to give your heartworm prevention or apply your flea & tick prevention product? Does your pet take another medication that he or she needs only every few days or on another unusual schedule? This program can help you remember so you can stay on track with your pet’s care.

Our Collection of Winter & Holiday Safety Links

A collection of links to help you safely navigate the winter and holiday season with your furry family members.