Elkwood Animal Hospital is excited to join the Elkwood, Remington, Brandy Station, and surrounding communities of Culpeper and Fauquier counties to offer you and your pets exceptional veterinary care close to home!

We are a country practice offering basic veterinary medical and surgical services for preventive and wellness care, but are also able to offer more advanced care, including orthopedic surgical services, cold laser therapy, ultrasound, and oral surgery for your pets’ more complicated needs. Visit our Services page for a more complete list of what we offer.

Of special note, with the varied interests of our talented veterinary staff, we offer alternative therapies, such as acupuncture and NAET® along with traditional medical and surgical therapies. House calls are also a unique part of our practice. We care enough for you and your pets that we are willing to bring our care to you at your home when possible! As of summer 2015, we offer both large and small animal veterinary care in partnership with our affiliated practices.

We see emergencies, and we have large animal services from our sister practice Catlett Animal Hospital on call 24 hours a day.

We invite you to call or drop by so we may introduce ourselves. Our goal is always to provide excellent care while delivering excellent service! Our staff are like family (some by blood, the rest by choice!) and we look forward to meeting your families as well.


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Elkwood Animal Hospital believes in caring for your pet’s total wellness and overall health, rather than just treating diseases or injuries after they have already occurred. We make an effort to focus on several areas of pet wellness throughout the year, and even offer special deals or discounts in association with these issues.

APRIL 2017-Parasite Prevention Month

April is parasite prevention month! This month we are trying to raise awareness of the danger that parasites are to not only your pet but your family. Some of the parasites dogs and cats have in their bodies can be passed to humans. This is especially an issue with children who are not always good about washing their hands and older adults who have more compromised immune systems. We at Elkwood Animal Hospital are offering 10% of fecal exams, 10% of heartworm testing, and special deals (some BOGO) on flea and tick, heartworm and gutworm preventatives. These monthly preventatives are essential to protecting your pet and your family from internal parasites that can cause major health issues and, in extreme cases, death.

Click to read our most recent article on this subject: Why is Parasite Prevention Important?

Click here to see what deals we have on flea and tick, heartworm, and gutworm preventon.


May 2017- 10% off Wellness Bloodwork Month!

May is wellness bloodwork month. This is such an important service we offer. Wellness bloodwork will tell you about physiologic and organ issues before your pet shows signs of sickness. We have ways to detect liver, kidney, thyroid, and other diseases through abnormal blood values before your pet is showing signs that he or she is sick. With this information, we can make diet changes or start medications to help support your pet’s body. So, your pet can live happy and healthy for much longer.

Also, if the blood values are normal, it tells our veterinarians what your pet’s normal or “baseline” blood values are. This is helpful because sometimes individual animals will have “normal values” (within normal ranges on their bloodwork) when they are showing signs of illness, but the referance ranges are averages. With baseline values for bloodwork, our veterinarians can accurately assess your pet’s bloodwork by comparing the baseline values to the values we recieve when your pet is sick. Then, diagnoses can be made and abnormal values can be addressed much sooner.

To see bloodwork packages and prices please click here.


We are very excited to announce we are now offering Health Plans for our services! These flat monthly fee Health Plans are budget-friendly solutions to making sure your pet gets the best available preventive care, keeping you on track with vaccinations, parasite prevention, and regular veterinary exams. The plans offer a menu of basic to upgraded care, and offer a 5% discount over regular prices for all the subscription services, as well as special Subscriber Discounts on things like heartworm and flea & tick prevention, microchipping, laser surgery and laser therapy packages!